February 3

03 ELA 20 Resources

Supports for the ELA 20 course.

Independent Book Choice Options: Here is a link to my GoodReads shelf for ELA 20. You can scan through and see if any of these titles catch your interest, whether fiction or non-fiction. The website lets you skim the plot summary, to get an idea of the topics of each. You’ll be asked to select a book to read for this course, like your other courses.

Common Resources Page: Find any of the reference handouts you use for Figurative Devices to Essay Writing Outlines here.


A1 Section:

A1.1 Assignment 

A2 Section:


A3 Section:


A4 Being a Kid in the Twenty-first Century

B5 Looking Back/Looking Forward (Individual Novel Reading) 

B6 Future Roles and Expectations

B7 Your Future Gender Roles and Values