February 7

05 ELA B30 Resources

ELA B30 Resources

Your ELA B30 course focuses on exploring World Literature from all ages and countries that explores one of two major themes:

  1. The Search for Self (understanding ourselves)

  2. The Social Experience (understanding others)


Independent Novel Reading: Choices available from the classroom library for your B30 novel.

A1 Sense of Identity

A1.1 Assignment: Compare/Contrast Essay Writing

A2 Human Principles of Life

A2.1 Assignment: Short Story or Script Writing

A3 Exploring Relationships

A3.1 Assignment: Poetry Performance

A4 Facing Doubts/Fears (Hamlet)

A4.1 Assignment: Hamlet-focused Debate

A4.1 Assignment Option: Position Paper (Convincing argument)

B5 Individual vs Group Social Responsibility

B5.1 Assignment: Partner(s) Book Talk

B6 Social Criticism

B6.1 Assignment: Letter of Inquiry/Concern

B8 Addressing Real-world Issues

B8.1 Assignment: Multimedia of Social Issue

AR Task Options: