September 3

04 ELA A30 Resources

The A30 ELA course is a Canadian Literature course. It uses literature to reflect on the history and culture of Canada while encouraging critical thinking about current topics in Canada.

You want an idea of the content in the course and how each part may take, click the link.

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A1 Section: The Canadian Identity

A2 Section: The Land vs The People

A3 Section: Scandals of the Past

A3.1 Assignment: Choose either Editorial or Inquiry Paper to Write

Choose EITHER A4 or A6 to complete
A4 Section: Scandals That Have Lasted

A5 Section: Being Native in Canada

A6 Section: Marginalized Representations

A7 Individual Novel Reading (fiction or non-fiction)

A7.1 Novel Reading Book Talk (partners or small groups)

A7.2 Assignment Novel Critical Analysis Essay
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B8 Section: Regions and Geography

B9 Section: Expressions of the Land

B10 Section: Land – Past and Present

Choose EITHER B11 or B12 to complete
B11 Section: An Indigenous Story Past to Present

B12 Section: Arriving in Canada Today

In-Class Skills Exam Preview