September 20

ELA 20 Sept 20/16 Student-developed reflection questions for post-inquiry project

You’re working through a Guided Inquiry Project to explore and develop a personal conclusion or judgement related to the role of modern fairy tales in today’s childhood development. When you’ve finished the steps and have made your ultimate decision on this topic, you’ll be reflecting on the process of inquiry and submitting an audio reflection recording.

To help you with some self-reflection discussion points, you as a class will create a list of possible questions to consider. They’ll be added below when we get to the end of the inquiry process.

Possible self-reflection questions for this section:

  1. What is different for you between the questions you respond to alone, on your own and the questions you discuss with others? Do you mostly come out of a group discussion having heard ideas you’ve already thought of or do you most often hear new ideas in group discussions?
  2. How much thought did you put into this section’s questions? How much did this section’s topic affect how developed your responses are? (Ex: If you enjoyed the topic, did you develop more in your responses?)
  3. This section is designed differently than the other sections you usually complete. Can you pinpoint what was different about it? If so, explain whether you like the regular sections you work on or this type of section more. 
  4. How much discussion was there in your group discussion(s)? What were you thinking during it? What kinds of thoughts were you aware of while the discussion was happening? Did you initially rush through the discussion or did you have a thoughtful talk on the subjects?
  5. How much do you typically contribute to group discussions? Which would you rather – have a discussion on a topic or debate about it? Why?
  6. Is it your preference to work alone or in a small group? What’s the difference for you, or are there times you want to work with others and times you don’t?
  7. Which task within this section did you find the most challenging and why? Which task within this section did you enjoy the most, if any?


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