May 27

Another look at Shakespeare

Once you have finished your Parody Assignment of the famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy, you have a bit of background research to complete. There are two videos and one website for you to watch, but before you begin…

  • you must use a new sheet of paper and at the top write out your Purpose for Viewing / Reading the following websites. Remember that we have employed many Before, During, and After strategies in your ELA class, so predict and establish what your Purpose is for viewing.
  • Once you’ve established that, you can view the first of two videos. It is titled Shakespeare is Everywhere – it is a TEDxTalk video taped in Vancouver. You should jot notes to summarize some of the main points included in the video. It is just over 16 minutes long.

  • Next, there’s another TEDxTalk video relating Shakespeare’s connection / similarity to Hip Hop. It is of a similar length as the last one.


If you finish both of those in the span of the class period, you can do an online search of common phrases that originated from Shakespeare. We use his language everyday and are typically quite unaware of it.


We’ll discuss these videos tomorrow in class. Have fun!