October 10

A3 Research and Poster

We’re continuing our discussion about what makes someone a hero.

  • We’ve looked at a historical hero, Rosa Parks, and what she did for the civil rights movement. (You practiced summarizing paragraphs.)
  • You’re familiar with Terry Fox and the work he did, and his foundation continues to do, to raise awareness of cancer treatments and research. (You wrote a letter.)
  • Today, you’ll research someone who’s made an impact to the Calgary community along with many parts of the NHL: Chris Snow was the Calgary Flames assistant General Manager. He recently was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, ALS. He passed away last week, but is considered by some as a hero.
    • Your task: research Chris, find out about his background, the qualities he had as a person, how he handled his disease, how the NHL community was supporting him, how he died, and what has happened since his death.
    • You decide if he fits the criteria of a hero and, if so, why.
    • Create a poster about Chris that we’ll hang in the classroom. The purpose of the poster should be to relay the important information about Chris and whether he was or wasn’t a hero.

Overview & legacy of Chris & Kelsie Snow:  https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjQFhALt/

Flames Snoe family puck drop – legacy. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjQNn1af/

Snow testimony on drug trial benefits:



Memorial service for Chris Snow scheduled for October 12 | SaltWire

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