January 31

MdSt20: Jan 31 Bowling for Columbine… still …

  1. We continued with our viewing of the documentary, Bowling for Columbine. We stopped at different points to make a few comments, like how the director, Micheal Moore, presented certain portions of the film in a certain way for the most dramatic emotional effect. The students were adding a great deal to our discussions and seem very aware of some of the ideas we’re observing from this video.
January 31

ELA B10: Jan 31 Essay writing

  1. Students had the full class to begin their brainstorming for their essay and choose their three topics of discussion for their three body paragraphs. They had to construct a topic sentence for each paragraph, compose their thesis sentence from that, and begin their supporting details.
January 31

SS 8: Jan 31 Elections, elections, elections!

  1. Students initially had a discussion about whether the current decision-making group elected to power were following the promises they made in their campaign debate. Some people clearly remembered the boys saying they would have free baking every Thursday while others heard a bake ‘sale’. Some disagreement was had over the price of the baking, which seemed higher than normal rates.

  2. We read through some handouts that discussed the process for Federal Elections, how the Prime Minister is restricted to a certain amount of time he can be in office, how the people elected in the ridings are what comprise the House of Commons members and these numbers are what creates the majority group.

  3. We had some interesting side discussions about what it is actually like in the House of Commons in that members are not allowed to speak directly to each other but have to speak through the Speaker of the House of Commons. We also talked about some of the controversy that’s formed when one member of Parliament will ‘cross the floor’ and switch from say the Liberal Party to the Conservative or vise versa. It was an interesting day of discussions.


  4. PS: I think the boys (who won the election and have to now do all these things they promised) wouldn’t mind if someone proved that they weren’t doing their job and were forced to give up their power to the next group with the most votes. I think they’re a little tired of the criticism and complaints. Welcome to politics, gentlemen!


January 31

ELA B30: Jan 31 Questions discussed and collage work

  1. We did a homework check this morning on the questions and 40 sentences students were to have completed. (We checked this by the ‘honor system’.)
  2. We discussed the story and answered the questions. Our discussion centered on the idea of ‘perception’ and how some people seem to do such odd things it makes it clear that an individual’s perception of reality or what others think of them isn’t always necessarily accurate. (For example, we discussed those people who seem to not understand that there is a limit to the amount of tanning that seems appropriate. Those people who tan ‘black’ seem to stand out as an individual who must have some type of insecurity or obsessive nature about their appearance.)
  3. Students were reminded that the purpose of them coming up with their 40 words on their own, and not just gathered in census from their friends, is for them to sit and ponder a moment what impression it seems others have of them, and then to compare that with the impression they have of themselves. Do these two personality qualities seem to be similar or very different?
  4. The collage assignment is due next Monday. You are to type out your forty words and sentences, your two individual paragraphs and have your name attached to that. You are to attach your collage to this but not have a name or identification at all on your collage to protect your anonymity. These collages will be displayed, nameless, at the back of the class.
January 30

ELA B30: Questions and 40 Reflective words


 This was a very personal assignment and I was pleased to see some students work so intently over their binders in focus. Good work boys…  🙂

  1. Students had twenty minutes to do the six questions for the story from yesterday.
  2. They then were directed to move on to the next assignment. They need to think of twenty words to describe their external self (how they beleive others see them) and then twenty words to describe their internal self (how they see themselves). They have three parts to complete for the assignment and it was very clearly explained on the board.
  3. For tomorrow’s class, they are to have their forty words chosen and a sentence for each explaining why they chose that word to represent themselves.


January 30

MdSt20: Jan30 Bowling for Columbine: Constructed media


  1. We continued our viewing of the documentary and I was quite pleased as there seems to be a genuine interest in this video. We paused at different times to reflect on some of the techniques Moore uses in the film, such as an ironic contrast in the type of music playing compared to the graphic pictures shown. We also discussed the need of a society to find something to blame (scapegoats) after tragic accidents. This was compared to Hitler using the unrest in Germany and then pointing their attentions to the Jews and Communists to blame them as the cause of their troubles.

hunter-dog.jpg      The dog who shot his master.

How interesting to hear Marilyn Manson talk about the fear people
have towards he and his music. He is often blamed for the violent acts young people commit. He seemed to speak in a very articulate manner, though, and made the good point that there are other things that could equally be blamed for the violence, but he is an easy target.

January 30

ELA B10: Jan 30 Intro and conclusion writing

  1. Students were given a copy of yesterday’s work from the overheads. We discussed the proper way of creating an introductory paragraph and a concluding one. Students collaborated and constructed a good opening paragraph to match our essay and then wrote their own concluding paragraph.
  2. We focused on the key parts of an essay that are important:
    1. Introductory sentence: to grab the reader’s attention
    2. Thesis that clearly states the three topics of the essay
    3. Topic sentence for each of the body paragraphs
    4. Summary sentence for each of the body paragraphs
    5. Summary sentence/Concluding sentence at the beginning of the final paragraph.
  3. Students had to ‘nail down’ a topic for the essay they are going to begin writing tomorrow.
January 30

Hist 30: Jan 30 Five geographic regions

  1. We had a homework check on yesterday’s handout. We went through the answers on an overhead while students added to their answers.
  2. We read through the influence Britian and America have had on Canadian settlement. A focus was established on the ‘East-West’ settlement of Canada and reasons for that.
  3. We read through some notes regarding the initial reasons for European exploration. We also discussed the three main worldviews relevant to this class: British, French, and Aboriginal.