March 27

ELA B30 Audio Playlist for novel reading: Night

We’ve been reading the novel together by reading aloud, though some people are getting into the novel and reading ahead. So you can go at your own pace, you’re going to continue reading on your own, but some people still enjoy the experience of reading a book as it’s read aloud. I have a treat for you, then!

This is a playlist of the audio of the novel, read by a man with a German accent so it takes on the narrative of our young male character that much more closely. If you’re on page 58, you can start listening at Playlist Part 9 @ 4:02 minutes in. It begins at the top of page 58, where Elie is about to be whipped in the warehouse.

Night Audio Playlist – YouTube

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March 25

Playing with Poetry – “The Piano”

The Piano 1Use the following text, copy it to a word document, and play with where the lines should end to create your own version of this poem. See if you can use line length / endings as dramatically as the author does.


I sit on the edge of the dining room, almost in the living room where my parents, my grandmother, & the visitors sit knee to knee along the chesterfield & in the easy chairs. The room is full & my feet do not touch the floor, barely reach the rail across the front of my seat. Of course you will want Bobby to play – words that jump out from the clatter of teacups & illnesses. The piano is huge, unforgettable. It takes up the whole end wall of the living room, faces me down a short corridor of plump knees, balanced saucers, hitched trousers. ‘Well when is Bob going to play?’ one of them asks. My dad says, ‘Come on, boy, they’d like you to play for them,’ & clears a plate of cake from the piano bench. I walk between the knees & sit down where the cake was, switch on the fluorescent light above the music. Right at the first notes the conversation returns to long tales of weddings, relatives bombed out again in England, someone’s mongoloid baby, & there I am at the piano with no one listening or even going to listen unless I hit sour notes, or stumble to a false ending. I finish. Instantly they are back to me. ‘What a nice touch he has,’ someone interrupts herself to say. ‘It’s the hands,’ says another, ‘It’s always the hands, you can tell by the hands,’ & so I get up & hide my fists in my hands.


Option: Open the following website, paste the poem text into it, and configure the settings to get the most appropriate visual representation of the poem’s theme or tone as you can.


March 21

Grade Twelve Portfolio Reflection Prompts

Today is a writing day for the kids.  I would like them to write about their experience with the student showcase.  I would like them to comment on the following:
a)  Were they prepared?  If they were prepared what did they do to make sure they were ready?  If not, what could they have done differently?​
b)  What did they enjoy about the actual interview process?
c)  What will they like to see for the next student showcase for the 2014-2015 school year?