January 22

ELA A10 Body Paragraph Writing – Essay Skill Development

You’re going to try developing your own body paragraphs for a new essay. I will support you with an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your Assignment is to try developing two body paragraphs for this essay.

Essay Focus:

The effectiveness of author’s choices in developing elements of “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Sample topics for your paragraphs:

  • author’s choice to narrate from first person rather than third person omniscient
  • author’s choice to narrate from an unreliable narrator (regardless of point of view) – how that impacts the story for the reader
  • author’s choice in the narrator using second person point of view, to speak to the reader
  • author’s development of tone established by events, word choices, and early comments by the narrator
  • author’s inclusion of gothic elements, like death of a loved one, fixation on heaven and hell, monsters and zombies, etc.
  • other – can you think of another observation of the author’s choices in the outcome of the story?


Intro Paragraph:

Great authors consider even the smallest elements of a story to develop engaging and memorable stories for readers. The types and number of characters developed, the relationships they have to have to each other, and even where and when the story is placed can be the difference between a story readers love or are indifferent to. This is especially clear in the short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” written by Edgar Allen Poe, the father of gothic literature. The story is mostly-set in a lone house with two occupants who have a relationship, but there is tension from the narrator towards the second unnamed character; he narrates to readers of events that may have already happened, when he stalks and finally kills the old man. The story is a popular one among fiction readers, who are attracted to many of the unique elements of the story, including a single narrator, short time span of events. Some of the most distinctive qualities included by the author are the use of the second person point of view, an unreliable narrator relaying the plot events, and the use of gothic elements. Through these style choices and others, readers explore a carefully-crafted short story.


Body One:


Body Two:


Body Three:



Conclusion Paragraph:

The choices made by the author in developing this text establish it among all the others as being an especially perfect example of storytelling and story writing. While many others may be developing their writing styles, they may look to popular pieces of literature to study and recognize what decisions authors made in developing those loved texts. Poe is one such author studied and envied for the many short stories he developed that leave a lasting impact on readers, not just for the ideas the stories convey, but also for the style the writer establishes and perfects.


January 22

ELA A30 In-class Skills Exam

While many other Saskatchewan ELA students write final exams to end their courses, you’ve had many experiences with the Exit Interview. This focuses on your mindset through your work in the course, the goals you hoped to achieve and looking back to see whether you came close or met them, as well as identifying the skills you grew in and continue to build.

You’ll have an Exit Interview again this end of semester, but you’ll also enjoy writing a simple exam that will demonstrate your skill in writing the literary analytical essay.

The final product that you develop in this one class period will NOT be developed to the level you are familiar with for your other essay projects, since those projects will be the result of several hours of work.

This essay may be somewhat simplistic, but will demonstrate your ability to:

  • develop an appropriate and thoughtful analysis in response to an essay prompt of your choosing
  • show your ability to connect the texts you’ve studied to a theme or concept and explore it through the analytical writing
  • develop an essay with clear organization and structure, including transitions and topic sentences
  • technique of your writing, including punctuation habits, even though it may be unpolished
  • basic sense of writing voice, including your language choices and unqiue style of writing

Student-written Sample Essays:
Here (link below) are two examples of essays taken from a Provincial Exam. Students writing these essays had three hours to write their whole exam, which included much more than this essay. These essay samples are a good example of what you might expect to complete in your in-class exam.

ELA A30 prototype 2004-pages-38-42

For your exam:Image result for student typing on laptop

  • you’ll have a number of essay prompts to choose from that will represent the topics and themes we have discussed in the course
  • you will be able to bring your binder in and any essay writing supports you’ve used in the past
  • you’ll be able to use/refer to any of the literature you’ve studied in the course
  • you’ll be asked to develop the essay in a Google doc, so have your laptop handy and charged/available to use. You’ll have to share your essay with me at the start of class.
    • handwritten on paper will be your back up
  • you’ll be able to use Grammarly within your Google Doc

Here is how your writing will be assessed:





Topics or Themes your essay options may touch on include:

  • the shared Canadian experience
  • the unique Canadian experience or perspectives of different groups
  • voices included in Canada’s history and stories and voices less included in these histories
  • unique experiences from living on the land in different regions of Canada or different time eras of our past
  • the natural landscape vesus constructed landscape and its impact on the emotions and experiences of individuals
  • the theme of “survival” that is constant in Canadian literature
  • how the various experiences of Canadians contributes to a sense of national identity

Text Resources Used in Class Available at this Link

January 8

ELA A30 B10 The Land: Past and Present Section resources

Intro Pages

Pg 3 Handout:

Pg 3 Short Story #1 “The Wedding Gift”

Pg 4-6 Short Story #2 “Home Place”

Pg 7-12 Canadian Film The Snow Walker