April 9

Social 9 Mesopotamia vs Egypt – Who Wore it Better?

To start our study of ancient civilizations, we begin with two that were very close to each other geographically. Because they were so close, you might assume they were similar in many ways, but were they really?

You’ll study the two civilizations for certain elements of their societies and then develop a project to develop to demonstrate your understanding and judgment of them. Was one civilization superior to the other?

  1. Remember there are a lot of great videos/documentaries to use for gathering your informationImage result for who wore it better meme mesopotamia vs egypt
  2. 05 Mesopotamia vs Egypt Study PDF Handout
  3. 21st Century Skills Development: You may uncover a great resource that you want to share with the group. We will compile a list of resources together in a shared Google Doc linked here. It is “shared” with you via your gmail accounts, so make sure you’re logged in to access it.

Which civilization will come out as the most successful one?

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Getting Started: