November 4

ELA 20: Listening to your Group Discussion Recording

You’re going to love this! Remember when you recorded a group discussion and talked about the lessons you recognize in Fairytales? You’re going to listen to part of those group discussions and pay attention to:

  • how much you contributed to the discussion
  • count the number of times you cut someone off
  • count the number of times you, yourself, were cut off
  • listen for examples of ways you transitioned the topic to a new part of the discussion
  • how you contributed to the talk – were your points on topic, were they repetitive of other comments, etc
  • evaluate whether the discussion went well or if you have suggestions for how it could be improved
  • listen to identify whether people took on certain roles in the discussion (did someone lead, someone become the reporter, etc)

You have an Assess and Reflect (AR) task from your A2 section that includes reflective questions to fill out after listening to at least 10 minutes of your discussion. Fill out these questions using as many details and specific comments about your participation as you’re able. This counts towards your AR mark of your course mark.




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