February 6

Psych 30: Development of Twins in the Womb

Developmental Psychologists study twins, in particular, because their DNA is so similar it reduces the potential variables that can influence personality. That way, they can look to environmental differences if there are differing personalities or abilities in a set of twins.

They have a unique experience in their early embryonic development stage. Follow that in this YouTube video of the National Geographic series In the Womb.

February 2

Class Instructions for Friday – sub support

Hi peeps, I’m away this Friday. You’ve been sent instructions for what to do each class in our Teams Channels. Here are copies of those instructions, in case you don’t have Teams access.

Period 1 ELA B10

Period 2 ELA A30

Period 3 Psych 30
Watching In the Womb – Twins (YouTube video)

Period 4 ELA 7/8

Period 5 Soc 10
Watching the first game of the Basketball tournament. (No class)