February 12

02 ELA B10 Resources

Your B10 course will be much like your ELA A10 course, but the two halves will focus on different themes. They’ll study literature exploring:

  1. Equality

  2. Decisions


    ELA Common Resources/References Page (password shared with you)

A1 Inequalities in Society

A1.1 Assignment Speech Writing Supports
A1.2 Assignment Speech Visual Presentation (accompany speech) student examples

A2 Responsibility of Giving and Sharing

A3 Speaking Out for Others

A4 Fair vs. Right

B5 What Influences Decisions

B6 Decisions Based on Values

B7 Consequences of Choice

B8 Decisions You’ll Face

B9 Who do you Blame? (Macbeth study)

B9.1 Assignment: Obituary Writing for a Literary Character

  • Sample obituaries blog post: some light-hearted ones and one written by a mother mourning a son who died from drug use. Get a sense of the tone and purpose of obituaries before you begin writing your own.