August 31

ELA 20: Aug 31 Intro to class…

  1. Students were given a copy of the same “skills” review sheet they had last semester for their ELA B10. These skills or terms are all ones they should be familiar with in order to do well in the class.
  2. We walked through an overview of the two complimentary units for the ELA 20 class – one looks to the past and the other looks to the future. As these students are nearing the end of their high school years, the literature in this course asks them to look back to see what influences have made them who they are today. The second part of the course looks at the difficult challenges and decisions people must make to determine what direction they’ll take in life. It’s a fairly personally-reflective course, but studied through the literature. As with any theme or topic, you need to reflect on your own experiences to relate to the characters in the stories. So it will be with this course.
  3. We talked about the outline that shows the list of literature and assignments they’ll do. They have the benefit of having had me for an English class already so the format and procedures will be the same.
  4. We watched a short clip from the popular movie Billy Madison where an adult man is forced to go through his school years again. It’s funny for them to think about it now, but at one time these students were so young and naive that they looked forward to “nap time”!

ELA 20 Recollections sources list 2010

ELA 20 outline

ELA B10 Skills Review for Final

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August 31

ELA 10: Aug 31 Intro to class…

  1. Students were introduced to the two units in this course. The explanation was given that their ELA 10 is divided into two entirely seperate classes – A10 and B10. The first unit is a really interesting one – The Unknown – which covers such topics as “mystery and suspence, fantasy, science fiction, and the future”. We looked over the outline to see how their mark would be determined and the types of assignments they’ll do in the course.
  2. They were also given a handout that outlined the skills they will cover throughout the course. The topics or elements of literature on that list are important for them to understand in being able to do well.

ELA 10 A outline

ELA B10 Skills Review for Final

ELA 10 The Unknown source list 2010