April 29

MdSt 20: April 30 – May 1 Assignments while I’m away…


  1. The SCN room is booked for students to use today and tomorrow. Attached above is the assignment handouts for students to use and complete for Wednesday’s class. They will be comparing news articles from several websites, looking for examples of a bias in the news reporting from those sites. By chosing one world event to focus on and comparing the ways the same event is covered by the different news sites, students will get an idea of how bias is injected into the sharing of information.We have mentioned that writing without a slight bias is very difficul; everything we witness we filter through our perspectives and cultural teachings to process how we feel about an event so it is very difficult to not have an opinion on what you report. However, some people are more fair about how much of their bias they allow in their reporting while others are fairly sly and convincing in hiding it.
  2. Do the best you can with the assignment and we will carry on and discuss some of your findings on Wednesday when I return. Have fun with it!!
April 27

MdSt 20: April 27 Bias in news videos activity…

  1. With half the class missing, we postponed the presentation of the Bias in News posters.
  2. Students watched a few clips in the projector room that looked at ellaborating on the issue of bias in the news. They watched a documentary and were to look for examples of bias in the film and examples of reporting the facts. The goal here was to differentiate between effective ways of leading the viewer’s emotions/conclusions and simply giving them informations.
April 26

ELA B30: April 26 Continuation with grammar handout…

  1.  Students were given their grammar exams back today to complete. Everyone did really great; they were very patient and put a lot of effort into completing the handout.
  2. Students were then given the introduction to the next sub-unit on Social Justice. It has several questions listed that students are to read, consider, and write a paragraph personal response to. The intention of this handout is, like others we have done in the past, to get you into the mindset of what justice entails so we can have more developed conversations when studying our material.

    There was no due date for these paragraphs.

April 26

MdSt 20: April 26 Bias in Media poster assignment…

  1. Students, yesterday, looked at newspapers searching for examples of bias in news articles. They were to find three articles, one editorial and one letter to the editor. These last two will obviously have bias in them as they are opinion pieces. News reports, however, giving information for the public should be as free from a leading opinion or agenda as possible. As we discussed, this is very difficult to do, to write without imputting your personal feelings on the subject.
  2. Students were given a poster assignment today to work in their groups from yesterday. There were three requirements for the posters and they will be presented by their groups tomorrow.
  3. For tomorrow’s class, after the presentations, students will begin viewing a video online. (See below.) The next assignment will be a written one where students will respond to the video and answer the question: bias or no bias. This is a documentary that discusses the American use of napalm during the Vietnam war and also a too-similar chemical during an attack in the Middle East. Is this video simply giving information to the viewer that was previously unknown to them, or are they turning phrases, using images, or excluding others to specifically ‘lead’ the viewer to a predetermined conclusion? Watch the video and piece specific examples to support of prove your opinion. There will be a writing assignment next.


April 26

ELA B10: April 26 Period one of five for writing…

  1.  narrative-writing-decision-assignment.doc
  2. Students were given a creative writing assignment yesterday. They were told they have the next five classes to complete the project. They will likely have to do some of the work, as well, on their own time but I have committed to giving them these hours of school time. The due date will be for the Monday after Grad, May 7.
  3. Click on the attachment above to get the handout that explains the elements needed in the narrative essay and the specifics of how the writing will be evaluated.
April 25

MdSt 20: April 25 Looking for Bias in the Media…

  1. We started with a reading from the Best Selling book by Micheal Moore titled Stupid White Men.  Based only from the title of the book, students were sure there was bias contained in the book. We read through examples of ‘how’ media includes or allows bias through the medi. Through the handout given, there were a few examples of how things are worded can pass along a bias, whether consciously done by the author or not.
  2. Students got into groups of 3-4, worked outside in the shade, but were focused on finding three articles, one editorial, and one letter to the editor to study and find examples of bias. (It was quite a sight to see, twenty-some kids laying/sitting out on the grass …reading the paper. lol)
  3. We’ll discuss their findings tomorrow.
April 25

ELA B10: April 25 Comma review and creative writing assignment…

  1. Today, students reviewed through the Eight types of comma usage. We discussed each use from the handout, I wrote examples on the board, and students were to write these down to keep for reference. I mentioned for them the three main types of commas they will be using, naturally, in their writing.
  2. Next, students were given a brief intro into what the new unit focuses on – Decisions and their consequences. A creative writing assignment was given today with a clear explanation of what their assignment needs to contain, the exact portions of the writing they will be evaluated on, and other specifics to note, such as word count and cover.
  3. Students will have five class periods, not including this class, to complete their writing, revising, and editing.