September 23

01 ELA A10 Resources

Link Supports for ELA A10

A1 Section: Writing Suspense

A2 Section: Mystery of the Mind

A3 Section: The Value of Imagination

A3.1 Assignment: Narrative Writing

The Door in the Floor – listen/look for elements of author’s style in constructing this creepy story
An Adventure – audio short story by Dave Eggers about Frances Brandowine, 17, who goes missing in a Canadian national park. Story transcript of the story “Frances”
A3.2 Assignment: Narrative Speaking/Performing

A4 Section: Goth Poetry

A4.1 Assignment: Poetry Performance

A5 Section: Imagination Beyond Daily Life

B6 Section: Challenges and Consequences (novel reading)

B6.1 Assignment: Book Talk

B6.2 Assignment: Analytical Essay

B7 Section: Quests and Adventures

B8 Section: Challenges Society Faces

B9 Section: Struggle and Achievement