September 19

Social 10 Activity: Sorting News Events into Elements of Social Contract

We’ve discussed the Social Contract that exists in a society, the agreed upon rules citizens and leaders accept to help keep the society running smoothly. Four of the essential elements to maintain that balance and structure are:

  1. Freedom: practicing and protecting our freedoms
  2. Order: trying to establish/maintain order in society
  3. Equality: maintaining and fighting to keep equality among groups
  4. Hierarchy:  the levels of responsibility some take on to provide for society

To get a better sense of what each of these provides for society, a list of events are compiled below. Consider each and decide which of the four essential elements of our Social Contract they fall under.

  1. Read the title carefully
  2. Skim the beginning of the article to get a sense of what the news article is informing readers about
  3. Consider your four possible element options
  4. Discuss with your partner(s) – what decision do you come to together?


News events/articles – samples of events in society that show evidence of the Freedom, Order, Equality, and Hierarchy that exists in Canada.

  1. Teachers “warned off” from voicing concerns about pond where kindergarten student drowned 1 year ago (says lawyer)
  2. Case of Toronto van attack suspect put over to May
  3. B.C. stock promoter charged with tax evasion
  4. Second Canadian judge suspends (blocks) Quebec’s face covering ban
  5. Loblaw’s tax case goes to appeals court
  6. Animal-rights group PETA’s beef with lobster industry comes to Canada 
  7. Iranian Canadian woman says she’s trapped in her marriage
  8. Coerced-sterilizations a “crisis” that needs a public inquiry
  9. Canada has taken in almost 300 million extra in tariffs on US imports
  10. Trump/Trudeau praise USMCA trade deal saying it will grow the middle class 
  11. Ottawa prepares to squeeze US tech firms over loss of media revenue for Canadian news outlets
  12. October 2020 will shape Canada’s immigration for years to come
  13. Canada’s largest provinces seeking clamp down on social gathering as Corona wave spreads
  14. Army commander orders Canadian troops to call out racism in the ranks
  15. “Blind recruitment” would lead to a more diverse workplace
March 31

ELAB10 Equality – Responsibility to Others in the World

We’ve recently finished studying events in history where culture groups were in need of protection from persecution. It’s a pretty heavy, but important, topic! Image result for if you see something and say nothing you are part of the problem

In our discussions recently we made comparisons of more recent world events, after the Travel Ban (#1) was enacted in America. The reactions from people across the USA were amazing to see; the positive reactions were amazing. The negative ones, discouraging.

I said I’d collect some of the examples so you can see what happened.




Russian invasion of Ukraine March 2022

German people at train stations offering space in their homes to Ukrainian refugees.

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Alberta covers SMA drug cost for certain patientsJessica Janzen Olstad is an Open Book - Avenue Calgary

January 31

ELA B10 Equality – Do we have a fair and equal society?

Inequalities in Society

Consider how people are treated around you when they’re considered by some to be different. There are a lot of examples in the world recently where the idea of “other” is growing and racial division is causing more severe treatments of people, even in Canada.

This section looks at that treatment, through literature examples to help you understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

      • YouTube Video: Race for $100



  • Viewing a Public Speaker (video below) – Ellen Page (observe her body language, eye contact, and gestures while she speaks. What impression to you get of how comfortable she is speaking?)

    • Ellen Page Video: Toxic Feeling of Holding Identity In (Video below)

  • Film School Ties
    As we watch, take note of his experiences and reactions to being a non-visual minority among his peer group and community.

  • If you didn’t get to watch it in class, talk to me about getting a copy of the film to watch.