December 17

Dec 17 Psych 20 Finalizing Unit 3 Emotional Reasons for Behaviour

To help you review for your exam:

We’re almost through the third unit in our Psych class. We went through Attributions today, also known as Social Perception. There are a few things you can use to study for tomorrow’s exam, though, that I’ll provide for you here.

Video Review: 30 mins

  1. This video reviews the four parts of the Emotions Unit (from 3 mins – 13 mins)
  2. This video also goes through the Section Review Questions for Attribution (13 mins on)


Here’s the screenshot to finish our comparison of the four parts of Emotional Aspects of Behaviour:
Comparison of 4 parts of Emotions Unit
 Exam Format:
format of exam
Practice Quiz Online through Socrative:
I’ll send a Remind notice out when I have opened the Socrative Review Practice Quiz online Thursday night.