January 21

Psych 20 Reviewing Conscious / Unconscious Section

Hi 10s,

I have a few Psych files here to share with you:

  1. I’ll add, here, the audio file for our review of the questions to the section on Social Cognition. If it’s helpful review, then it’s here for you!
  2. Also, you all completed the review questions separately for the section that looked at the examples of the conscious and unconscious brain working related to what we encounter in media and our surroundings. I asked you to, then, add your answers into our Socrative program. Here’s the pdf that combined all the answers from the class and I’ve added check marks to highlight some of the well-developed answers. You can use this when you are reviewing for your exam next Tuesday.

Reviewing Social Learning Section

January 7

ELA A10 Viewing Homework for Skiiers

Hey 10s,
Several of you are heading away and missing school on Friday and Monday for an awesome ski adventure in Fernie, BC. Unfortunately, it’s not without a little homework!

The easiest homework I can assign, though, is to watch an interesting film. The first option is called The Cove about the cruel treatment/slaughter of dolphins to feed the marine entertainment industry. The second documentary, Blackfish, is about exposing the habitat and dangers of marine life in entertaining aquariums like Sea World. If you have another documentary in mind ask me about it and you might be able to use it.
Note: I’ve added another alternative documentary, for more choice. It is called The Disappearing Male  and is about the falling testosterone levels around the world that are thought to be the harmful result of the chemicals in all the products around us. There are fewer males being  born in the world; what might this lead to? (See embedded video below)

Purpose to consider before viewing:

You will later be creating a multimedia personal response to the documentary of your choice. For now, your homework is to have watched a documentary that’s suitable for the assignment. You should also take note of some specific parts or points of the film that stand out and cause a reaction from you.

You could use an outline like the one below. Be sure to have copied out a minimum of 5 points and 5 reactions. 

Event / Comment from film:                                                           My initial reaction:
1.                                                                                                       1.
2.                                                                                                      2.
3.                                                                                                      3.
4.                                                                                                      4.
5.                                                                                                      5.

The Cove documentary

Blackfish – this documentary is available on Netflix if you have access to that.


January 5

ELA 9 Discuss and support Themes of Romeo and Juliet

Welcome back in 2016, Nines! We’ve a few more things to do to conclude our study of Romeo and Juliet.

Today you each need to sign into your own blogs and create a new post titled Romeo and Juliet: Themes to Consider. You’ll write a short paragraph response to any five of the following themes:

  1. The generation gap between young and old
  2. The uselessness of violence
  3. Stubbornness and pride leading to death and heartbreak
  4. The strength of young love
  5. The dangers of dishonesty
  6. Revenge leads to destruction
  7. Fate often controls lives

For each of your short paragraphs, you need to:

  • first explain what is meant by the theme topic
  • explain how it applies or is found in the play R&J
  • refer to at least one specific event as an example of the theme
  • explain how that event relates to the theme


January 4

ELA 20 The Emperor’s Club – movie watching

Welcome back from the break, 11s! I hope you had a great time with your family and friends the last two weeks!

In our ELA 20, we’ve been recently studying literature that focused on “The Influence of Others on Children”; the short stories “The Rink”, “Penny in the Dust”, “The Broken Globe” and the essay “Remember Mum When I Mocked You” all followed this theme of literature. The following movie will continue with that.

Before Watching: 

As a class, see if you can come up with the common qualities each of these literature pieces have. What messages, characteristics, character types, relationships etc do they all have in common? Make as comprehensive a list as you can – you can write it out on the whiteboard in the classroom.

During Watching: 

Once you’ve developed this Similarities List, you can start watching the video. As you watch, though, you each have to individually on a sheet of paper or your tablets keep adding to your own list of qualities from the movie that are Similar to your other list and qualities that are Different. For this you’d want to use a T-Chart.

Similar to other Texts                                               Different from other Texts


The movie will take several classes, so keep track of the time when you left off.


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January 4

ELA A10: The Four Feathers Quest

Welcome back from the Winter Break! I hope everyone had a great time away with their family and friends. It’s always a bit rough trying to jump back into school, so for today’s double class we have a movie to watch. It is part of the Quest category of stories, but before watching you need to clarify what that means.

Website to review: The Quest – one of 7 types of plot lines.   Quest qr

B10 The Four Feathers Quest word

B10 The Four Feathers Quest pdf