October 11

A2 Terry Fox – formal letter writing

Watch the Terry Fox video below and create a list of his positive and (potentially) negative characteristics.

  •  Ask them to try to create a list of their own personal positive characteristics, seeing if any overlap with some of Terry’s.
  • They’re to write a formal letter to their parents explaining about:
    • our school’s upcoming Terry Fox Walk Event – what it’s for, it’s goal
    • what their thoughts are of Terry – admire him, curious about him, what they wonder of what his life could have been
    • write about their own personality characteristics they hope to develop as adults, once they get to be Terry’s age.
  • Use the outline below to begin a Letter and end it properly.
    Writing formal letters in English - The ultimate guide

Guide for Letter: Intro, Middle (Body), and Ending


  • introduce why you are writing to your parents
  • thinking about the Terry Fox walk coming up next week
  • considering the continued impact he’s made; what his legacy is (influence on others)


  1. Write what your personal thoughts are of Terry Fox. Can include details you know of his background. Consider including what you and others admire about him.
  2. Describe what our walk day will be like: grade groups will be paired together, there will be a route laid out for us, the intent is to raise money for cancer research, there will be donations and a meal at the end.
  3. Compare your personal admirable qualities you’ve identified with those of Terry. What qualities of his might you hope to continue developing as you get older? Consider ideas you might use to inspire others in your own life, like he did.
  4. Connect your letter to our hero unit theme: decide if Terry was a hero and explain your answer to your reader. If yes, why?


  • Thank your reader for their time to consider your thoughts.
October 10

A3 Research and Poster

We’re continuing our discussion about what makes someone a hero.

  • We’ve looked at a historical hero, Rosa Parks, and what she did for the civil rights movement. (You practiced summarizing paragraphs.)
  • You’re familiar with Terry Fox and the work he did, and his foundation continues to do, to raise awareness of cancer treatments and research. (You wrote a letter.)
  • Today, you’ll research someone who’s made an impact to the Calgary community along with many parts of the NHL: Chris Snow was the Calgary Flames assistant General Manager. He recently was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, ALS. He passed away last week, but is considered by some as a hero.
    • Your task: research Chris, find out about his background, the qualities he had as a person, how he handled his disease, how the NHL community was supporting him, how he died, and what has happened since his death.
    • You decide if he fits the criteria of a hero and, if so, why.
    • Create a poster about Chris that we’ll hang in the classroom. The purpose of the poster should be to relay the important information about Chris and whether he was or wasn’t a hero.

Overview & legacy of Chris & Kelsie Snow:  https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjQFhALt/

Flames Snoe family puck drop – legacy. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjQNn1af/

Snow testimony on drug trial benefits:



Memorial service for Chris Snow scheduled for October 12 | SaltWire