November 1

ELA 20 A4 CC: Listening Activity Link – CBC Radio Podcast

Most students watched the documentary “Angry Kids and Stressed-Out Parents”, which focused on the topic of improving and monitoring mental health of children when they’re young, before the costs of dealing with that health issue grows as they mature.

After viewing, you’ll listen to the following podcast that discusses the same issues of mental health needs in Canada for young kids. The podcast is 19 minutes long.

As you listen:On any given day, roughly half of all overnight hospital patients aged 5 to 24 are being treated for a mental disorder.

  • take jot notes of important conversation points
  • people who were mentioned in the podcast
  • the statistics included
  • proposals suggested that would help alleviate the strain on our health services


Half of all Hospital Beds in Canada for Kids and Youth Filled to Treat Mental Health

You could also scan this QR code for the podcast page.


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