September 7

ELA Sept 7/16 Testing Your Skills Identifying Poetic Devices

We review poetic devices found in poems in ELA and often-times the poems hold little interest for you outside of the context of the course topic. In this sample, these phrases are taken from popular songs you may be aware of.

The challenge is to a) see if you can identify the figurative device used, b) see if you can identify the song or artist as well, but also c) recognize that poetry and music are much the same and the same plays on word sounds and meanings are used by artists every day!

Here’s the audio of the Figurative Devices Test. You can use the paper copy to watch for which device is included in each. Of the 40 examples given, see if you can get an accuracy score of over 35 correct!

The audio is 12 minutes long.

Choose which handout you want to use: Level 1 (gives hints) or Level 2 (has no hints)


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January 20

ELA Instruction Videos

Students will be writing their ELA A10 final exam next week and were given a handout that lists all the “skills” covered in the course that they are expected to have Mastered at this point. Their final exam will measure how well they have learned and can demonstrate those skills.

Understanding that some students are still struggling with a few of these skills, I have recorded some instruction videos to embed here so they can access the videos from home. These should be a helpful review in particular areas, if they need it.

The videos cover:

  • Elements of Literature (pt 1) *pt 2 failed to record, so that’s still coming
  • Figurative Language explanations and examples
  • Practice finding figurative language in poems
  • Integrating references into your own sentence (for body paragraphs)

Hope they’re of some use to you.

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