September 20

History 30 1.1 Inquiry Study: Would you Love it or List it?

Claiming sovereignty over Canada’s arctic north is an issue of conflict that’s come up recently. Research to learn about elements of the issue, including:

  • What area of the north is included in the dispute of ownership?
  • What other countries are at odds or in competition with Canada for control over this area?
  • Why is this land interest more important recently? Why is it in the news again?
  • What about the area under conflict makes it desirable by Canada and others?
  • What is gained or lost if Canada lost sovereignty over this area?

You have to make an ultimate decision: Love it or List it?

Love it or List it is a Canadian television show where homeowners unhappy with their homes decide if they’ll make over their homes and Love it (keep it) or if they’ll find another home elsewhere (sell/give up their old homes). Should Canada Love and keep their Arctic Northern area or List it and give it up to competing interested parties?
Image result for hgtv love it or list it vancouver

Is it important that Canada spend resources and efforts to maintain control over this arctic region or would it even be noticable if we lost it? Be prepared to defend your position with an informed response.

You’ll each individually either write up your position/defence of your position (2-3 paragraphs) or audio record an explanation and reasoning of your choice (6 minutes).


For Learning Activity: demonstrate your best of

  • Understanding the Content (ideas, concepts, interrelationship)
  • Use of Planning skills (gathering and organizing data, evidence, and information for focused research)
  • Use of Processing skills (evaluating data, evidence, formulating conclusions)
  • Communication skills in different forms for different purposes: peers/group for convincing/defending your position

Useful websites: 


May 10

May 10/16 Inquiry Project Examples for Gr 9 ELA

Hi 9s! We started talking last Friday about the next big project we will tackle – completing an Inquiry Project in ELA. You decided to use the Unit on Survival and Conquering things, so your choice of topic for your inquiry will have to fit inside that theme in some way. It was difficult to start thinking of ideas for your project, though we spent some time trying to drum up ideas.

To get an idea of the different ways you can approach your inquiry question, I want you to look at some of the topics chosen by a group of students online.

Their teacher, Mr. Schoenbart, has gathered their inquiry ideas, blog links, and names together into this document here. Spend some time today looking at the inquiry questions and what sort of work went into each project.

  1. Track your search. Keep a record of the inquiry topic you looked into as well as the student blog address you looked through.
  2. Look through at least five blog sites.
  3. Once you’ve finished that, I want you to also watch a few student examples of the final project – the presentation of the inquiry project to your class. Watch the videos below AFTER you have carefully looked through at least 5 of the student inquiry projects on the link above. 



April 19

Ap 19/16 A Collection of Hamlet Resources – get to know the play!

Before we read the play Hamlet, you’re going to study about the play Hamlet. (Say wha?) Yes, you’re going to use the World Wide Web and do some digging and learn the secrets of Shakespeare’s  most famous play, Hamlet. Shakespeare even taunts readers/viewers of the play with a famous line that dares them to “Pluck out the mystery” (3, ii). There’s one overriding question related to this play. Let’s see if you can discover it.

As you come across great resources to help explore this text, share them and I’ll add them to our collection here.

You can click on the images to open them in their respective websites.


Hamlion - Common Narratives in Hamlet and the Lion King Infographic:

Stick Figure Hamlet