November 21

ELA 9 Listening Activity: “Words on a Page” audio (31 mins)

We study texts in many forms; this one will be in audio format. We will listen to it together as a group with pair roles during the listening, but this link is also provided for those who missed class or will need to re-listen to parts of it to work on the future project coming.

“Words on a Page” teleplay audio (31 mins)

November 18

ELA 9 Here’s your list of tasks to post to your blogs!

Image result for blogging

You’ve spent time to complete a number of different types of activities. Now, you are asked to publish them to your blog. There are five, and they fit these categories:

  1. CR I am Sam Comprehension Questions (paragraphs)
  2. CC Audio Discussion or CC Collage Collection
  3. CC Written Task
  4. CC Visual Task
  5. CC Drama Task – first load your Drama project to your YouTube account. *You all have a gmail acct so you all have your own YouTube acct. Load your video there, set it to Unlisted, and then use the Embed code to paste it to your blog. (Remember you have to switch your blog post box to TEXT instead of Visual. Some people like Brennon, Kaylan, and Aidan can help you with this!)Image result for youtube publish options unlisted
November 10

ELA A30 A7.1 Assignment – Editorial Writing

One of the objectives of the A30 curriculum is for you to develop, revise, and publish an Editorial. This is very much like writing a persuasive paper. You’ll have your handouts provided for you with some resources, but here are additional resources for you to use in getting a real sense of what an Editorial is actually like. 

If you’re going to write the Editorial, here’s a walkthrough of the assignment and instructions.


Sample Topics Others Have Chosen:

  • Distracted Driving in Canada
  • Water Drainage Issues for Farmers in Canada
  • Coyote Control in Rural Areas
  • Cell Phone Use in Schools (Rules in Schools)
  • Northern Youth Suicide Numbers
  • Rape Culture in Mass Media
  • Moose Culling Protested
  • Proposal for women to have to uncover their heads/faces for Gov services (Quebec)
  • Criticisms of financially supporting Syrian refugees and not homeless or F.N. quality of life
  • Carbon Tax proposed by Federal Government – implement in 2 years in prov
  • Increased White Supremacist activity in Canada (post Trump election) – hate/race crimes
  • cell phone rates across Canada
  • internet access in rural areas or Northern communities
  • semi driver training/Humboldt Broncos bus crash
  • the “survival” theme in Canadian literature
  • history of the Canadian Red Cross
  • Canadian charities
  • The importance of being an informed Canadian (having informed debates/discussions of topics in Canada)
  • Carbon tax concerns from prairie provinces
  • Tension over John A. Macdonald statues – racist history of government in our beginning; should his contribution to Canadian development be quietened or amended to fit our newer values of today’s society?
  • Homelessness issues in Canada: who it largely affects, what supports are available?
  • Child poverty in Canada – from which groups are they most vulnerable?
  • Canada spent more than 5 billion in World Aid in the previous year. Sounds like a lot. It amounts to less than 2% of our federal budget spending; seems like a small percentage. Should we donate as much as we do?
  • Discuss immigration history in Canada, or more recent immigration statistics and numbers. Whether immigration costs Canadians or whether it contributes to a balanced economy.
  • Discuss refugee and asylum seekers – the numbers, comparison of numbers the last 10 or 20 years.
  • Write about the side that is For Canadian support of Ukraine in Europe, or Against it.

Topics to choose from for the Law 30 class paper: Google Sheet link


Understanding Persuasive Writing


Editorial Exemplars: 

Exemplar One – Security Changes in Canada (colour coded for Sides)

Exemplar Two – Security Changes in Canada (comments added for guidance)

Transition Words/Persuasive Signal Words:

  1. Transition Words:
  2. Transition Words:
  3. Persuasive Words:

Ultimate words and phrases




November 9

ELA A30 A6 Macleans Article 1967 – The Lonely Death of Chanie Wenjack

Here’s the original article that was published about the death of this young boy, who ran away from a Residential School and died trying to walk home.

This report of the story is what prompted Gord Downie, of The Tragically Hip, to develop poetry about the event that eventually became an album of songs, a graphic novel and an animated cartoon.


Here is the full animated video. It is about 40 minutes long and followed by other discussions on the topic.

November 3

Nov 3 Planning for Gr 9/10 Showcases

We’ll soon have Showcase evenings where your parents and you will join us one of two evenings at the school to share and celebrate some of the learning yoImage result for kenaston school logo transparentu’ve done so far this school year.

To plan for this, you have a few tasks to complete: one mandatory and three optional choices.

  1. Mandatory: Reflection Sheet reviewing progress/accomplishments in classes. Open Handout Here: Gr 9&10 November Course Reflection Sheet

    Options 2, 3, 4 (Choose One)

  2. Learning about course selections and DLC options.
    In handout, choose A B or C. Open Handout Here: course-and-dlc-exploration

    1. Math Pathways Parent Brochure
    2. Saskatchewan Math Pathways
    3. Science Pathways
    4. Sun West Distance Learning Center – Course Descriptions and Requirements 
  3. Exploring a future post-secondary option.
    Identify a possible area of study you’re considering for Post-Secondary Schooling and look up what pre-requisites are needed for you to enter that program.

    1. University of Saskatchewan – pre-requisites for the different colleges
    2. SIAST – requirements list
    3. Other?
  4. Tech Five (app, program, blog) – Show and tell.
    You have learned to use several new apps and created two different websites in your classes. Pick your Top Five of these features that you want to share with your parents to show how they work and what you can use them for.

    1. You could create a blog post and link or embed different projects you’ve created using the different apps.
November 2

ELA A30 Nov 2 Novel Options for Independent Reading

We’re at the point again in the course to do some independent deep reading, this time using fiction! I’ve collected some novels I’ve had for quite some time and bought newer titles to add to the list.

These are the book options you can choose from this year and, if you know of another title that would fit, run it by me and we could maybe add it to this growing list!

  1. The Diviners – Margaret Laurence
  2. Away From Her – Alice Munro
  3. The Shipping News – Annie Proulx
  4. Life of Pi – Yann Martel
  5. The Stone Diaries – Carol Shields
  6. The Jade Peony – Wayson Choy
  7. Crimes Against my Brother – David Adams Richards
  8. The Other Side of the Bridge – Mary Lawson
  9. The Englishman’s Boy – Guy Vanderhaeghe
  10. The Last Crossing – Guy Vanderhaeghe
  11. Indian Horse – Richard Wagamese
  12. A Quality of Light – Richard Wagamese  *This was a favourite of Grads from 2-3 years ago here.
  13. The Orenda – Joseph Boyden
  14. Three Day Road – Joseph Boyden
  15. Through Black Spruce – Joseph Boyden



November 1

ELA 20 A4 CC: Listening Activity Link – CBC Radio Podcast

Most students watched the documentary “Angry Kids and Stressed-Out Parents”, which focused on the topic of improving and monitoring mental health of children when they’re young, before the costs of dealing with that health issue grows as they mature.

After viewing, you’ll listen to the following podcast that discusses the same issues of mental health needs in Canada for young kids. The podcast is 19 minutes long.

As you listen:On any given day, roughly half of all overnight hospital patients aged 5 to 24 are being treated for a mental disorder.

  • take jot notes of important conversation points
  • people who were mentioned in the podcast
  • the statistics included
  • proposals suggested that would help alleviate the strain on our health services


Half of all Hospital Beds in Canada for Kids and Youth Filled to Treat Mental Health

You could also scan this QR code for the podcast page.


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