February 7

ELA B10: Feb 7/17 Exposure to Sketchnoting

You’re soon going to listen to an interesting podcast that looks at the scientific background of “Race”; it explores the question of whether race actually exists, beyond the Human Race.

Your task, while listening to that podcast, will be to follow along and sketchnote your understanding of the audio. You likely haven’t tried creating a sketchnote visual before, though, so you’ll need to understand what it’s about and how to use the symbols best to your advantage.

The number one thing to understand, though, is that this is low risk – there’s no “right” or “wrong” in trying this. You’re going to give something new a try and see how it suits you and your style of learning.

For some exposure to sketchnoting, then, there are a few YouTube tutorials you can use to learn a bit about it and the technique.



Podcast Listening Activity: Radiolab Race Doesn’t Exist, or Does it?

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