April 6

April 6/16 Of Mice and Men – Before, During, After Resources

The question of what’s fair and what’s right has been the source of ongoing debate for ages and the events of the short novel we’ll read next tugs at the heartstrings through its events in trying to explore that same question.

Before Reading:

    • Check out the experiment done with monkeys – they understand “fair

    • Watch and take notes from this introduction video that gives background and context to the plot of the novel

You’ll be independently reading the novel Of Mice and Men.

For some, you may benefit and enjoy more having the book read to them and the following audio version of the book is perfect, because it’s read by the actor who plays George in the movie.

Embedded here is a playlist of the six chapters of the book. In total, it amounts to just over three hours worth of reading.


Note: If you use the audiobook to read this novel, follow along in your book while you listen to it. This has been studied and shows to improve reading ability and your comprehension of the text. If you listen to the novel and aren’t able to follow along, that’s up to you.

It’s here as an option.



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