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ELA B10 A3 Speaking Out for Others (resources)

In our Unit on Equality, we accept that people need to offer assistance to others in the world. When and how can we do that? Who Speaks Out For Those in Need in the World?

  • Critical Thinking Activity: Can you “trust” this website?
    You’re about 30 – 40 minutes to assess the contents of a website to determine whether you can “trust” the website. Then you have some reflecting to do about how easily a message can be constructed online, but how important it is to use critical thinking tImage result for can you trust this information?echniques and personal judgement in evaluating information online.
  • This leads to our next task, viewing the German movie Die Welle. Before watching the film, I’d like you to watch the YouTube trailer. It has subtitles and will give you a clear overview of what this movie will be about. While watching the preview, consider the following questions:

What is the danger in becoming apathetic about global events? Could people be manipulated into following another dictator like many Germans were during the Holocaust?


  • You’ll be directed to return to this blog post after viewing the film to develop a personal response to it. How might your ideas have changed or been confirmed after watching it?


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17 thoughts on “ELA B10 A3 Speaking Out for Others (resources)

  1. Jadelyn

    I think because of the way people are trained to think this event in the movie could actually happen. The teacher had trained his students overtime to believe that they were a group/dictatorship and that the teacher was in charge. The role of the minority had a better life then the people who took “the wave” too far. I was really surprised at how over the week the wave got more and more serious and was taken more seriously by the end of the week. A criticism I have about this movie would be that I wish it was in English without subtitles because I found it very hard to watch and read at the same time. However I did really like the fact how the movie incorporated Germany’s reputation and how it is at an all time low right now because of Germany’s past, and I liked how that’s kind of what they based the wave around, to become a whole again.

  2. Saleen Hammy

    1) It really depends on what you know prior they knew tiler existed but they still thought it wouldn’t have happened
    2) They all had pretty rough home situations other then Karo. So that influences it a lot
    3) history can repeat itself.
    4) I liked the movie actually it’s kind of like what Donald trump is doing. Brainwashing people and wanting to get rid of them.
    5) the film made it to obvious what was happening

  3. Wylie

    This movie is supposedly based off of true events so I guess this could really happen today.
    There was definitely pressure from the group to take it as far as they did but it only took a couple people doing major things to end it all.
    The big message that the movie presents is that a dictatorship is still possible today.
    The movie was a good watch other than its not English

  4. Morgan

    I think that this is very plausible and could very easily happen. It was done in a way that the students were tricked, and so engaged by the wave that they didn’t see anything wrong with it. The people who did see what was wrong with the wave, were the ones outside the wave. People like Karo were once part of the wave, and once she left, she seen the true power of the wave and seen that it needed to be stopped. Others wanted to be part of the wave because it was so popular and they heard so many great things about it from thand people inside. They went blindly into the wave, not realizing its full potential. The larger message in this movie is to show that another dictatorship is possible. This makes you realize and think, is this what happened in the holocaust? How easily someone can put an idea in a couple people’s head, then have that idea spread. It can become so large, and groups are very powerful. Personally I really enjoyed this movie. It portrayed a very interesting idea that a dictatorship could happen again. I didn’t really bother me that it was in English subtitles, but it would be cool to see in English and get more out of the movie.

  5. Sara sagen

    I believe that something like this could occur in society today. I think that people get caught up in the moment and start trusting whatever they’re told by a minority. In this film group pressure is significant. When Marco said the wave was stupid the teacher said “bring the traitor up here!”, which his friends then did. Minority roles in society have the capability to brainwash and manipulate people very easily, just because of their position in society. The teacher may have taken it too far just to prove a point, but I was very surprised of how trusting the students were and what extreme measures they went to for the wave. I couldn’t believe how into the class got and that they became so vulnerable just because if they were told what they wanted to hear they followed it. This film had a very good meaning to it. It really made me think about in today’s society and how we might be influenced by this kind of thing also. The thing I didn’t really like was how it was in German, it might have been easier to follow if it were ion English.

  6. Braeden

    I think they were possible and could happen
    Group pressure can affect people to do many think and they want to and not be different and be treated differently
    I think he message was to just think about things and think if they are the right thing
    Nothing in the movie surpassed me besides the fact that no parents got involve and what happened the teacher and kids
    Think it was all done well

  7. Jessica Zdunich

    After watching this film I feel like a lot of what happened in the movie is happening in society today. It was a very good movie and very interesting, but what i liked the most was how realistic it was. It was very realistic because there are groups with people in them who are willing to go very far and to the extremes to fit in and push there beliefs and ideas on others. An example of groups like that in our world today are the KKK, they use to go to the very extreme points and kill others. Now they are more known to push their beliefs of who is superior to who. Or another example is ISIS who have such strong followers that they are willing to die for their group. A lot of people are pressured into groups like these because they are scared that they will not fit in, so they are willing to do many things to make sure they do not feel left out or feel like and minority. Not all people can be pressured in to groups like these, because they don’t have a problem with being different. But I think that is the message in the film, that people are willing to do things (not always good thing) to fit and and make sure they don’t stand out because of fear of being not liked, or being discriminated because of who you are and how you look. I overall enjoyed this movie it gave a good message and was very easy to following along, the only thing I would probably change if possible is to make the movie English and not German.

  8. Brody

    1. Yes because someone could easily be in the moment and take it too far. 2. Group pressure can make people do things that are against their values and beliefs. Minority’s are treated very badly. Some people are more susceptible to be influenced because they might have nobody to guide them and tell them what’s right and wrong. 3. Don’t let people change you and stick to your beliefs. 4. I was surprised when he pulled the gun at the end and shot his friend and then him self. It was a little bit Interesting but not the best. 5. The characters were really good at their role in the movie. If it was English it would be better.

  9. Jenna

    1. I thought it was very realistic, they were all playing a role in this big group and mr Wenger was the leader and they followed and agreed with every word he said because he was the leader, you can believe and go along with pretty much anything someone says if they are the authority. @ psychology class & the videos we watched.
    2. The role of wenger as a leader made the students follow what he was saying and strongly believed it and ended up going too far for some as a result, some people are more into it than others and more easily believe it.
    3. It only takes one person to make change. Because, it shows ONE person starting this whole movement and he is the leader of the group, he is the one that told this group everything and they followed him. They listened to his orders and followed everything he said, because he is authority.
    4. I actually really enjoyed this movie and thought it had many good messages, and in the movie I think the teacher really taught them a good message, except for that one student that went too far with all of this. But, it was a good lesson to teach students about authority, the holocaust and knowing to follow the right people.
    5. I thought it was very believable and had a very strong message, along with the students @ #4 answer, it’s a good lesson to teach kids, but I think that showing who the one was that went to far (the kid or the teacher) CLEARLY would have shown if this was a good lesson or not.

  10. Calina

    Yes i think that the events in this movie are plausible because they are based on a true story. The Third Wave is what happened in California. This story shows that people can easily be swept up into something that gives them a sense of community. It can feel safer if other people are also in the group and can promote growth towards the group. I think a major message in this movie is that we shouldn’t be so sure this will never happen again. People can easily be manipulated and it has happened many times throughout history already. I really enjoyed this movie. It was hard to catch everything that was said because sometimes I missed things when it was in German but the movie was very entertaining. I really liked the plot of the story. The overall message was strong and the way it was portrayed was very good. The movie would have been easier to follow however if it was in English.

  11. Rachael

    Yes I think that the events that happened in the movie could happen. It is a real possibility. The movie was based off of an event that happened in California which was extremely similar. If it can easily happen to a school in the time of about of a week it can very well happen in a country just given more time. The movie shows how people were influenced into joining because they did not want to be apart of the minority group. Usually nobody does. The people who didn’t join are usually leaders or people that didn’t like to be bossed around. I think that the movie tries to tell us that history has a way of repeating itself and that anything is possible. I enjoyed this movie very much and even though it was in another language it always had my full attention. It is extremely realistic and they don’t make it seem as it could never happen. I thought that it was well done in the way that they let the veiwer know and think about how he’s connecting it all back to the holocaust. I did not like how the movie was in German so reading the emotion in their words was almost impossible.

  12. zach

    i really ENJOYED THIS MOVIE IT WAS QUITE INTERESTING. I think the main pint was to show that people would follow a dictator still today. besides the subtitles, i really liked this movie.

  13. Jackson F

    1. I believe the events in this movie are potentially possible yes, i feel as if it’s a stretch but at the start the students had to do it and they played along, it soon began that “The Wave” was something they all stood for and it kept escalating to a more extreme level and the kids listened to whatever Rainer said. So yes I do feel as if this is possible.
    2. All of the kids pressured people to join and support “The Wave” the minorities were pressured to join that shows what can happen in society.
    3. The larger messege is the power a group can have and how things can dangerously get out of hand.
    4. I enjoyed it yes, it was a bIt supprising and crazy and it’s much like the Nazis in the past, it’s a very good film but it supprised me how out of hand it got.
    5. I think most of it was done very well but the end was very quick and needed so fas I feel.
    6. I would like to reflect on the fact of Tim, without Tim I believe this would have been successfully done

  14. rainbowunicorns16

    In real life, I would like to think that these events could never happen again in the world, but in reality I think they are plausible. In my opinion, it is nature for humans to be better than others, or be part of a group that others aren’t. I think that this shows that peer pressure and groups in society can be very powerful. I think that those who are very social would be more susceptible to being influenced because they simply talk to others more. In saying this, I think that the movie shows that it is hard not follow a group and that things can get out of hand very fast if it’s not under control. After watching The Wave, it has left me wondering why no one intervene with having a gun, as well as what will happen if Karo finds out about Marco cheating on her. Over all I did enjoy this film and thought that it did a good job of showing you what it would be like to be a German high school student during something like the holocaust. The one thing I would criticize it for is that I don’t think it gave us enough backgrounds of the characters, and if they were to redo that, I think they should fix that.

  15. Cole S.

    I think that some events from the film could happen, but others could not. Something that could happen are things like students wanting to fit in when they have nowhere else to go and students wanting to listen to their teacher as to get a good grade. Other parts however seem to go too far or happen to fast, like when Tim killed himself, or that the whole story took place over a week, not a longer period of time. I think that this story tells a lot about group pressure, because many will join in on the wave just to have friends, and even more about how easy it was to become part of a fascist system, because the rewards you receive from the group are great. This take me into the greater meaning of the film, which I think is teaching people about why and how the events of WWII could have happened, how they may happen again, and how group pressure can affect people differently depending on what their background is. The only thing that surprised me about the film was how sudden Tim died. Going in, I knew that someone would die, but I thought it might be someone else, or in a different situation. What I thought was done well in the film was that they did not shy away from having mature situations, like the use of swear words, partying, and illegal activity. This all makes the whole situation seem more realistic, and not censored. What I didn’t like was how abrupt the ending was, since we didn’t see much from Tim’s home life before he died. If we did see more of this, then the ending might have made more since.

  16. Jenna

    I would say that nothing was unrealistic in the movie but I could not see it happening in the small town school I go to. In the movie Tom was heavily influenced by this group because his home life was not great so this was all he had so he took it very serious which became dangerous. I think the message of this movie was that sometimes good things can be taken to serious and become dangerous. Overall I thought the film was fairly realistic except the fact that I’m English and had to read German subtitles.

  17. jaxson217

    I think this film was very interesting though i constantly thought about how they should make an american version like the office did. I understand it wouldn’t have the Nazi Hitler background to it, which i did find quite interesting to see how the German high school students felt about learning of there history in class. The film really showed how people react differently to this situation. For example on kid who had no family or sense of belonging got too attached to the wave,causing him to risk his life for it though it was only a week old. Another kid put the wave before his girlfriend who he claimed he loved. Over all i think this movie was very interesting and different. I would still like to see an american remake.


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