October 13

Oct 13: ELA A10 Example of using your voice during poetry “performance”…

Your next assignment is to “perform” a poem. I put that in quotations because I want to emphasize this point; you’re not just reading it, but you have to include emotion and power through your voice. This isn’t easily done and it will certainly take you outside your comfort zone.

As an example of the type of emotion and voice range you can/should attempt to develop in your poetry performance, listen to this video below focusing on the narrator’s use of voice. This copy here is for those of you who want to watch it as well.

Listening to poems performed: this website has many samples of people performing poetry to give examples of the rhythm, the emotion, the plays on sounds of words, the soft and loud, etc. You could listen to some as inspiration before your own recorded performance.

Practicing Speaking/Performing Poetry: 

Listen to Poetry website – listen to poems performed

Finding Your Own Poem: 

PoemHunter.com – many poems here of different topics so search through

If you’re stuck and looking for some options for poems to select from, here are a random selection that suit the assignment:
Note: I want you to avoid selecting a poem that has an audio recording with it of someone performing it. You need to decide and plan for yourself your interpretation of how this poem should be performed: the mood, the slow and fast parts, the emphasis on certain words or word sounds, etc.

The End of Science Fiction

On a Dying Earth (rhyming lines)

More Dangerous Air (sarcastic play on waiting for the Atomic bomb to drop)

Ritmo/Rhythm (girl makes music out of old things)

Meeting Point (obscure meaning – challenging)


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