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ELA A30 Section A3 Links/Resources

Section A3 begins looking back at the darker parts of Canadian history that may make some proud Canadians uncomfortable to read and learn about. There are some scandals in our past. We have evolved as a nation and learned from past mistakes, but it is important that we face some of those mistakes. This section attempts to explore that process.


Before Reading/Viewing:

Activity B Links:

During Reading/Viewing:

    • Viewing Heritage Minutes (pg 4) video embedded







Before Reading the Play (pg 8)

    • Viewing: YouTube video of Canadian Member of Parliament discussing the Komagata Maru in the House of Commons (embedded)

    • Author Sharon Pollack comments on the play (embedded video)
    • Link to read the play “The Komagata Maru Incident” online
    • For Interest Sake (extention): A professional hockey player who won a Stanley Cup in Canada worked for Immigration Canada and saw first hand the condition of the people who were not allowed to leave the boat, in 1914. Read about his perspective in this article.


Additional images to consider:

Below is a certificate of a Head Tax paid for entry into Canada. To restrict the number of what was considered undesirable immigrants coming into Canada, prices were established, making entry more difficult.

Source image: Macleans article: The Enduring Legacy of Canada’s Racist Head Tax on Chinese-Canadians The enduring legacy of Canada's racist head tax on Chinese-Canadians -

For the following chart, you can see the volume and speed of immigration to Canada. Spikes occurred while there was conflict or wars in other countries, like World War I and slowed considerably during other global eras, like The Great Depression in the 30s & 40s.


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