September 3

ELA A30: Section A1 Resources

What is a Canadian? Do you become Canadian by the influence of a group or can you be Canadian in isolation?



Song Analysis: “Canadian Idiot”


Duke Redbird “I am Canadian” Poem Prezi (option) 


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  1. Waldner (Post author)

    Difference between a thoughtful, well-considered response and a basic, vague response:

    Thoughtful & well-considered:
    To me, being Canadian means that you are a citizen of Canada, a free country that is more peaceful than most countries. To be Canadian is to be an English speaking citizen with the right to vote and to obtain free health care. Although Canada is considered a free country and sounds like it’s all sunshine and lollypops, it really isn’t – everybody struggles but it is in different areas of their lives than others. Earth will never be perfect, no matter where you live.


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