October 20

A4 Texts That Leave Lasting Impressions – The Raven

What is it about some pieces of literature that they’re so well-loved, well remembered, stand out apart from all the others? 

For example:

  • So many people who have read the novella Of Mice and Men have a life-long appreciation for the character Lennie. Why? Why does he stand out to people so specifically?
  • The Harry Potter series has a whole global following, making the author a billionaire!
  • Or the Lord of the Rings series and characters are still read and appreciated even though other similar texts and storylines have been attempted.

“The Raven” – this is the poem you’re going to read. Realizing a famous phrase from this poem has been etched into his gravestone in his place of rest, what does that tell you about how significant and popular still that one piece of writing came to be?

Did You Know You Can Visit Edgar Allan Poe's Grave? | The Wayside Inn


Creativity leads to creative writing:

    • Look at an author like Stephanie Meyers and her Twilight series that led to a fan loyalty face-off between Team Edward and Team Jacob!
    • The author of the book The Martian studied space as a hobby. His fascination with that topic and possibilities led to him writing this book that was turned into a blockbuster film! And the book is so creative, still a better experience than the great film created from it.
    • Symbolism of Ravens vs Owls: you’ll look this up to understand the significance of why he chose to base this poem/plot on a Raven and not another bird type.
    • Ravens: Smart and Talkative

The Raven on the bust of Pallas by Dianna-Art on DeviantArt Perched Upon a Bust of Pallas

Take A Listen

If you’re strapped for time, listen to one of these great readings of The Raven by five frightening fellows (all available on Youtube):

And, of course, The Simpsons’ take on the poem (also narrated by James Earl Jones) at TeacherTube.

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