November 4

ELA A10: Something to enhance our novel reading

We’re about to begin reading a novel for our A10 class and it’s a doozy – you’ll enjoy it, I promise! But it’s not just about the writing itself that can influence your experience of this novel. We can have a little fun with it while we read along. That’s what this video is for…

One thing that’s so great about this author’s writing is their development of chapter endings. They always leave you hanging! Wanting more! Unsatisfied! There’s tension! One of the other classes I read this novel with was getting really involved in this book, but when we got to the chapter end we collectively would quietly chant the little medley you’ll find in this video. It’s not mandatory, but I think a few of you will get into it and hum along a bit. We’ll see if you’re up for it. Anyway… watch the video and listen for the medley.


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