November 18

ELA 9 Here’s your list of tasks to post to your blogs!

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You’ve spent time to complete a number of different types of activities. Now, you are asked to publish them to your blog. There are five, and they fit these categories:

  1. CR I am Sam Comprehension Questions (paragraphs)
  2. CC Audio Discussion or CC Collage Collection
  3. CC Written Task
  4. CC Visual Task
  5. CC Drama Task – first load your Drama project to your YouTube account. *You all have a gmail acct so you all have your own YouTube acct. Load your video there, set it to Unlisted, and then use the Embed code to paste it to your blog. (Remember you have to switch your blog post box to TEXT instead of Visual. Some people like Brennon, Kaylan, and Aidan can help you with this!)Image result for youtube publish options unlisted

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