November 5

ELA 9: Compose and Create Tasks After Viewing movie

Now that you’ve demonstrated your level of Comprehension through your blogging, pick from the following activities to Create items to demonstrate your ability to relate the ideas of the movie to other texts, parts of society, or yourself.

Section A: Exploring through Writing
Pick and complete one of the following

  1. Create a Character Alphabet: Choose one character you liked from the film and create sentences based on the aphabet that demonstrates your knowledge of the character’s attributes and experiences. Example:
    A is for the Abuse of …
    B is for the Bending Over that….
    C is for the Camera he gave …
  2. Explore Character Fears: Choose any two characters from the film and explore, through first person narrative writing (from their perspective) their fears. You can write one narrative paragraph / journal entry for each. Be sure you include evidence you can recall from the movie that supports your identification of their fears. Options of perspectives to explore: Sam Dawson, Lucy Dawson, Rita Williams, or Randy Carpenter.

Section B: Be Creative (Visualize)
Pick and complete one of the following

  1. Find four songs that relate to the film or one of its themes. Provide the lyrics and a short paragraph write up for each to explain your selection of it and how it relates to the movie.
  2. Create a concept map of themes in the story. Identify at least ten themes and support them with specific events that happen in the film. You can use the Apple app Cmap to create the concept map or do it by hand if you prefer.
  3. Using a cartoon strip generator / website, create a story map of the events of the plotline. Include a beginning “problem”, three rising action events, a climax moment, some falling action events, and the conclusion.
  4. Create 10 Tweets to respond to specific events in the film. In each tweet, try to identify the event and your reaction. It’s tricky as you’re limited to the number of characters you can use. (Alternate Tweet options: Create 10 tweets revealing things you learned about people, society, our differences, how we work together, etc.)

Section C: Acting It Out
Pick and complete the following with a partner (Maximum time should be 3 minutes.) Record this and post it to your One Drive cloud so that you each have a copy.

  1. Act out a pivotal (significant) scene from the film with a partner.
  2. Develop and act out an exchange between two characters for an event in the film you feel is missing.
  3. Develop and act out character monologues (internal dialogue – what might have been running through their mind as they were faced with making a decision).

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