January 18

ELA 20/30: Jan 18 Current marks, commas, and writing a literary essay…

  1. I shared with students what their mark currently is. The essays that were done before the Christmas holidays were evaluated and students were given “extra credit” marks for them. Those who did not complete those essays were not penalized further with a loss of marks but those who did the essays still were rewarded for their effort. Clarification was made, as well, that any people who are working on improving their marks are doing new assignments that I have assigned and not just finishing up old work. (This seems most fair to everyone.)
  2. We quickly reviewed the use of commas and broke it down to the three most often used types.
  3. The option was given to the class as to whether they wanted to use the class for study time, as offered previously, or if they wanted to choose one of the essay questions from the prototypes and try writing a full essay together. They opted for the essay writing. Students who were not interested in this practice went to the library while the others and I composed the beginnings of an essay. Click here to see what we’ve put together. essay-written-in-cla_3d6613.doc

Good luck studying!! We’ll see you bright an early on Monday. Don’t forget to bring water, some gum, and a quiet snack to keep your endurance during your long ordeal.

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