January 18

ELA 9/10: Jan 18 Viewing student-made Public Service Announcements and outline for final…

  1. A few groups had technical difficulties in trying to display their movie productions but the few we watched were enthusiastically done. For an actual project to be marked, we will have to be more careful that the focus of the project is followed, but this was something new so we’ll consider it a “dry run”. 
  2. We talked about the format for Monday’s unit final. It will be a “skill-based” exam, meaning it will focus on the skills that have been developed through their studies in the class. Reviewing all their literature is not entirely necessary as they will be given a piece of literature to read during the exam to which questions will be related and there will also be a poem they will have to analyze and link to concepts covered already in the class. 
  3. Students were shown what their current mark is so they understood what they were going into the exam with. I hope they focus on their figurative language and are comfortable with their writing for Monday. We’ll see you then. Good luck!

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