January 18

Contact me? Here’s how…

question2.jpgquestion2.jpgquestion2.jpgquestion2.jpgquestion2.jpgIf you have a question or want to send a note to me, there is a comment link at the bottom of every post. If there are no other comments attached to that post, then it will read “No Comment” at the bottom. Once a comment has been made, it will show the number of comments. It would be nice if it read “Post Comments Here” or something as obvious, but it is what it is. Hope this helps!

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11 thoughts on “Contact me? Here’s how…

  1. keenermarc (Post author)


    I received the essay you wrote and will send you a note tomorrow with some suggestions and ideas. I’m pleased you’re going to such effort to feel prepared for Monday.

    Have a look at the essay (or beginning of the essay) we wrote together in class today. I made a few proof-reading corrections, played with it a bit, but also added the thesis, transition sentence and a summary statement.

    And then, since I couldn’t stop, I highlighted all the transitions that link the ideas between sentences. Those are the things that add smoothness to writing and makes for strong writing.

    And then, since I was on a role, I retyped out the essay but only the basic parts of the sentences. What is there is a really choppy, bland essay. The structure is similar but it is nothing like the first essay we created together in class. Maybe seeing how those transitions are so effective will give you ideas for how to do the same with your own writing.

    But still, I will respond to your rough essay tomorrow.

    Ms. W

  2. Krysta

    I have tried to create my blog three times and the confirmation never sends to my email. Am I doing something wrong or does it take awhile to send?

  3. Waldner (Post author)

    You know, when I tried to create my account last night and waited for my confirmation to be sent to my email, it never arrived for me either. I tried it with a different email address, my school address, and it was there immediately. Do you have access to an email that isn’t hotmail related? It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to change that contact email afterwards, but it would get you started.

    Also, if you’re like Nicole and would like to change the photograph of your header, try creating a blog in the edublogs.org site instead of learnerblogs.org. (I guess the learnerblogs site doesn’t allow for changing the header.)

    I hope your patience will pay off and you’ll be able to get an account to open!

    Ms. W

  4. kassie

    Hi Ms.Waldner I like your website Alot!!!!(:

    I like the grade 3/4 section the most only cause I’m in grade 3/4 but we are
    a pretty cool class right,…. right . Yeah I think we are a pretty cool class!!(:

    Heres a joke what do you call a Pig that does Karote? ………..
    See ya next class Ms. Waldner
    Wendnesday June 4 2008

  5. kassie

    YOU ROCK !!!! For leting us go on the web and have timbits!!!!!!!!!


    Wendnesday June 4 2008

  6. Emily

    Hi Ms. Waldner. When we went to the band thing I tried the flute and other insterments but the flute was easy and I liked so I think that is what I’ll do if I can be in band.


  7. chyanne

    hi this is chyanne. I am going into band if it is okay with my parents. I will be
    playing the fluet.

  8. Brodie

    By: Brodie

    Freedom is one of the most important things to many people in the world. People throughout time have fought and died for freedom. William Wallace was a big influence in Scotland’s freedom during the 1400 and 1500’s. He gave his life in order for his country to finally become their own country. Freedom is also shown to be important because it is used or referred to in many national anthems throughout the world especially in those countries that use a democratic system. Abraham Lincoln helped to free the black slave in the United States in the 1800’s. For every hero and protector of freedom there are always people that are trying to dictate and enslave the people around him or her. Hitler tried to rid the world of Jews in the early 20th century. Soviet Union had Stalin and even now in the year 2008 Cuba has the ruthless dictator Fidel Castro although he is not quite as ruthless as he was back in the 1980’s due to the fact that he has had health problems. Freedom is important to the well being and comfort of a human being and would feel more stressed and pressured if that freedom was lost.


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