December 20

Changes made to the yearbook ladder…

      Hey Yearbook staff!  Before you get back into more creative planning for your pages, you’ll notice a few changes that were made to some pages. There were a few errors and continuity issues that were fixed to help you out. Some people were doing the right topic for their pages but started two pages ahead where someone else should have been working. Those issues have been rectified. Now what are some of the final touches you should consider before you get your editor(s) or Ms. Campbell to double check things? Here’s a handy list:

  1. You should make sure that all of your photo boxes, maybe even some of your shadow or text boxes, have a border around them. You’ll find the border tool on the second row of the toolbar and it may start off saying 0 border. You click it and choose which width of border you want, no greater than 2 likely, and then you can click the paintbrush icon beside it to choose which colors between white to black that your border will be. You can change the colors of your borders or choose for them to all be the same, either all pictures bordered by white or black. This border will help add a finished touch to your page.
  2. Look at the two page spread you have in front of you. Does it look like the pages match and work well together. The point in having you do a two-page spread was to make sure it flows well. 
  3. And speaking of flow, take a moment to look at other pages that are similar to yours. What are some of the other people doing with their pages. If they all used a certain type of font for their header, and they have the same kind of page as you like Class pages, then you should try to keep that consistancy and use the same font. 
  4. Find the box at the bottom of your pages in the far corners where the page number is. If you have put a white background there you want to make sure your font color is dark enough that it will be seen. If you have instead added a black or darker background, you’ll want to change the page number color to white. It is just a small detail that needs to be double checked.
  5. Try to add a lot of variety to the pictures you put on your page. We have A LOT to choose from. There are lots of great pictures there so try to change it up and not put three pictures that look very similar to each other, unless you are putting them together and overlapping them so it looks like a series of pictures. That is fine, like sports pictures where the group posed for pictures – it would look great to have their serious group picture overlapping slightly their goofy group picture. 
  6. Did you add a background to your page? This is really quite easily done. You create a new photo box on both of your pages, left and right. You open the image viewer and select Backgrounds under Clip Art. You can choose to have a different background than most of the other pages will have but be sure it will not be too dark or be unsuitable considering the page topic you have. (Ie. If you are doing Grad pages, you won’t want anything too crazy because the Grad pages should have a more serious tone to them.) Drag the background image that you want, into the new photo box you have just created, for both pages. Then, on the bottom line of the toolbar, on the far right side is an icon that will make the image the background. Note: You can take a picture that we have taken, ie of people standing in front of the Christmas tree, and try to make that a background image. (You’ll have to see how dark it turns out to be.)  

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2 thoughts on “Changes made to the yearbook ladder…

  1. Nicole

    Your pictures are really neat; maybe we could use some that you will be taking of the students for our yearbook? The ones in a classroom setting are nice, especially because most of the pictures we have taken for the yearbook are just sports and special events, and not everyone is involved in these sorts of things.

  2. keenermarc (Post author)

    Hey Nicole,

    Absolutely, I’ll be taking pictures in the classrooms, in the hallways, in the .. bathrooms? lol Wherever. If you asked my students from Goodsoil, they’d laugh and tell you I practically always had my camera out and took way too many pictures. Once things get settled, I’ll be sure to load a few pictures on here. It’s fun to see schools from different angles and perspectives.

    Ms. Waldner


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