December 20

ELA 20: Dec 20 Presentation of Photo Essays…

  1. Today was the deadline for the Photo Essays and Personal essays. (They will be received until tomorrow, in case you were unable to complete them. My patience and understanding regarding due dates is heightened with the “Reason for the Season”.)
  2. Students surprised me with a presentation of a gift and cake! It was not anticipated – today! I expected to say our goodbyes tomorrow, on the final day, but they caught me off guard and it ended up showing through my teary thank you. This was witnessed by a few students wandering in and out of the room… so I thank you, Grade elevens, for thinking of me. 
  3. The presentations were wonderfully done and some were quite emotionally revealing, touching on personally intimate subjects. I thank everyone for sharing and putting their efforts into these projects. I am glad they were an enjoyable assignment for you, as well. 

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