December 19

ELA 20: Dec 19 Two work periods on essay projects…

  1. The deadline for the photo essays has been pushed back one day, one day that includes two work periods for students today. We will (hopefully) view their finished products tomorrow, the new official deadline for the photo essay and Values essay, leaving students with one day’s grace to present Friday if they have to or use the class to read their independent reading novel. 
  2. For today’s two classes, the laptops are booked for the fourth period class and the computer lab is booked for the fifth period class. Students were informed of this yesterday and advised to consider and plan out how best to use their time. I stayed after school yesterday and will also today for those students who need to use the computer lab after school to complete their work. It seems clear to me that they’re putting their efforts into this work so I am not concerned they will fall short in the end. I am Very Much looking forward to seeing the presentations!! Keep up the good work.

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