December 18

ELA 10: Dec 18 Finish viewing Cinderella Man…

  1. Before class started, I shared with the students the beautiful scenic pictures I took along the road from North Battleford to Goodsoil. They mocked me and my obsession a bit but I explained that they have had fifteen years to become desensitized to how beautiful this landscape is and that for sentimental reasons I was really enjoying it. It was nice to hear about the view some of them have from their own yards that they were enticing me with. “I could get you a better picture than that,” was a nice thought to share. lol 
  2. Students had the rest of the movie to complete. It is quite emotionally intense towards the ending and wonderfully done. We talked after the movie about some of the possible themes to be taken from it, that good wins out over all, or the underdog should never be overlooked, even that some succeed where others would fail. Students are aware there will potentially be a question regarding the movie on their ELA 10 Final exam after Christmas. They should recall for themselves the order of events in the movie. (Hint? Perhaps) 


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