October 27

ELA A30: Editorial Writing Sample – Citation Supports

Writing an Editorial Essay? Here’s a sample student piece that’s been edited for accurate style and supports. You can click through this Word Doc to read the Comments added that should walk you through/point out the elements of the paper you need to pay attention to: transitional phrases and types, focus of the different paragraphs, convincing tone and word choice, etc.

Note: Remember, if you wrote a Report, you cannot include persuasion or biased language.

A3.1 Student example editorial – colour coded – Waldner edited cited


  • In-text Citation Method: Scribbr website clearest explanation found online
    • Most importantly, we found:
      • If there’s an author for your referenced material (writer of an article, etc), then cite the author’s name.
        • Example: The rates of incarcerations have “doubled in ten years”(Harram).
      • If there’s no author for your referenced material, like you took it from a government website or something, you post the first few words of the Title of the website page.
        • Example: With the current corrections system, more than 40% of violent offenders re-offend within 5 years of release (Statistics of Corrections).
  • Creating a Works Cited Page:



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