April 13

CrWr20: Short-form Writing

Having taken ELA for many years, you’ll have a background understanding of many elements involved in developing stories. Within this Creative Writing course, though, we are able to expand that understanding and understand more specifically some of those elements, such as different plot structures than the familiar one you’ve commonly studied. (See image)

Text Handout: Pgs 17-22

Section Work Resources/Links:

      1. Pg 1: List of popular titles developed in fiction
      2. Pg 2: Testing the Worlds Collide Theory
        Example: Resident Alien tv show (trailer video)

    1. Pg 2: Genres of Fiction – 2 minute audio podcast on the “shortest [story] in the history of literature (embedded below)
    2. Pg 3-4: Defining Fiction Genres:
      1. Image to the right: What are the most popular fiction genres
    3. Pg 6: Video Kurt Vonnegut’s “Shape of Stories”
      1. Author Background Search
      2. YouTube video “Shape of Stories” (embedded)




Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: What are the most popular fiction genres?

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