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Social 10: Current Events Sources

Current Events Project:

Following world events helps us understand the relationship of countries and their Current Events Blog Intro | A\J – Canada's Environmental Voicecitizens more and we start to recognize how the differences in those relationships, like a country under dictatorship rules verses one as a democracy, impact the types of events reported from within them. There are also economic differences by regions in the world as well as different freedom levels. Following current event issues globally will give us a lot to discuss and connect to our class studies.

Our Units of Study will be the focus of the news articles you select. You’ll try picking events that relate to any of the issues that are part of the following Units:

  1. Political Decision-Making
    1. governing style
    2. decision making and control
    3. gaining power
    4. rights of citizens and the role of government
  2. Ideologies – political perspectives and parties
    1. Conservatism
    2. Liberalism
    3. Chaos
    4. Communism
  3. Economy styles and issues
    1. types of world economies
    2. supply and demand
  4. International Economic Relations
    1. foreign trade deals for Canada
    2. tariffs on imports
    3. NAFTA (CUSMA) (USMCA) (?)
    4. the wealth of nations – independence
  5. International Political Relations
    1. Canada’s security from threats
    2. Canadian sovereignty – economic-wise and land control (Arctic)
    3. interdependent world
    4. Canada’s role in foreign partnerships – NORAD

Websites for Current Events: You’ll rotate between Canadian National news one week and Global News the next. 

Worldwide News Sources: 

Canadian National News Sources:



Current Events/Mapping Outline:
You can use the following prompts to help you develop your analysis of each of your article choices. The topics cover the source of the article, the word choice use in reporting it, considering whether it is well detailed or a general reporting of an event, as well as connecting it to our topics of study in Social 10.

Use the link and Create a Copy of this Spreadsheet for yourself. Label it properly with your name and share it back to me via my gmail email.








  • Mapmaker – National Geographic – interactive mapping


Current Events Mapping Project:

So far, we together have practiced a few Current Event activities, choosing a source for the search, filtering through a number of the news reports that day, and summarizing what’s happening and who is involved.

Now, you’ll have your own Current Events Project to continue with, but it will also include some Mapping. Following the locations of the events you are learning about is also a real-life way to learn a bit more about the locations of countries in the world, the types of issues they are dealing with, and also tracking within Canada where common news events are happening.

  1. This will be an ongoing project throughout the semester. It is part of your course assessment and valued at 20% of your grade.
    1. An Optional element of this project can also include a weekly Journalling extension; it would be space for you to reflect on the types of issues happening around the world and how you feel you relate to them or don’t relate because you have the privilege to live in Canada. 
    2. If you are concerned about being able to deliver enough content and demonstrate accuracy and understanding, this Journal Extension is an opportunity to pull some marks from the events and mapping and be assessed on your personal reflections of the week’s events.
  2. Assessment Plan: Let’s Co-construct how you will be evaluated and the requirements.

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