October 5

ELA 9 A3 Section Resources & Supports

Do we just enjoy reading or do we actually benefit in a variety of ways from reading literature? That’s a great question! Let’s see, shall we?

There is great freedom in many countries over choices of what texts are available to read. Some countries go so far, though, as to ban some books making them illegal if shared or read. Consider what might be the danger of this – what could be so harmful in a book to make it illegal?

Research Proposal: Identify the tangible/actual benefits gained from reading experiences and study, also, the counter-arguments, if there are any, that argue no gains from reading experiences.

Start with the following article: “Reading Literature Makes us Smarter and Nicer”

  1. You might find the article easy to read/comprehend or you might want to try using a website that exchanges the challenging words for less challenging ones. You can Copy the text of the article and paste it in the website Rewordify and see if it makes it easier for you to understand.
  2. You can also take either a) the original text or b) the Rewordify text with simplified words and paste it into a Text-to-Speech website and listen to it read aloud. Try it out using the following website as a trial.
    1. You can adjust the speed of the speaking.
    2. You can adjust the voice – male or female or an accent
    3. You can also adjust the font that you read along with
  3. The article has 9 paragraphs – in one sentence summarize each of the nine to narrow the focus of the article’s point. (You can do this in paper or in a Google Doc for yourself or shared with a partner.)
  4. Single Summary: Reread your nine sentence summaries and attempt to reduce the whole focus of this article to one single sentence; what is the main message from the writer?
  5. Personal Response: What do you agree with from this reading or not agree with? Try to identify 3 insightful observations you can make from reading the article.


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