October 30

Soc 10 02.1 Fundamental Freedoms Videos – Understanding the Charter

We’ve learned there is a balance of decision-making power between government and the people. Protections exist in our government documents to ensure government cannot overreach their authority. It also requires they protect the rights of all citizens, though it is not an equal level of protection.

The following videos explain further the background behind several important parts of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

While you watch, you’re asked to develop the following in the given handout:

  • summarize the important elements of each section of the Charter, per video
  • create a list of terms or concepts that are significant, possibly new to you
  • develop at least one thoughtful question related to each video section. (Remember to aim for questions that require a fair amount of thinking and cannot easily be answered by a specific moment in the video.)



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