October 29

Hist 30 1.3 Collision of Peoples & Paradigms

While the French were able to navigate their relationship with the existing Indigenous People of the territory of New France, other powers joined the competition for power over the region. Here come the British!

Intro to the documentary series:

  • You’ll meet some extraordinary men and women who’ve helped shape our country’s unique character. Perhaps no country has been as successful in finding its strength through cooperation and its identity through acceptance and respect. For generations, we’ve come together bridging cultures and communities, to seek a more hopeful future for all. That is not to say Canada’s history is perfect; it is not. There are dark chapters in our history that we have only begun to confront. But today we recognize the responsibilities inherited by past generations and entrusted to us by future ones. We know our success was built upon decades of hard work and rooted in Canadian diversity. And we know that a strong prosperous nation can be as united as it is diverse. The hope of this documentary series is that you’ll be as inspired by the stories of these heroic Canadians so that we can write the next chapter of the great Canadian story.

Instructions for viewing: There is a handout for your viewing focus that asks you to…

  1. Develop a list of stages/steps that occur leading to New France taken over by the British.
  2. Identify the significance and cause or each term below, as well as their influence or effect on Canada’s past
    1. Beaver pelts
    2. The large population of British settlers south of Quebec
    3. the filles due roi (King’s Daughters)
    4. Radisson and des Groseilliers
    5. Plains of Abraham battle
    6. Indigenous as a) traders and b) allies


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