April 21

Ap21/16 Samples of student #Hamlettweets from online

We’re going to have some fun! While we read through our play, Hamlet, together, we’re going to try tweeting about it as if we were observers in this community where all the tragedy unfolds. We had to work out a few procedure items to start:

  • Are you going to use your own personal Twitter handle or make another for this school project?
  • What common Hashtag are we going to use so we can all follow/see what we’re tweeting as a group? (Our answer #ktownb30)
  • I (teacher) had to decide if I’m going to use my own twitter handle or make a new one

We wanted to check and see if anyone else was really using #HamletTweets and they have been, numerous classes seem to have added comments. Other teachers have had students write the tweets on paper and then the teacher tweeted them on behalf of the students. There are lots of ways to go about trying this!


Here is a collection of some of the funniest ones we saw.


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