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B30 A3 Love and Relationships – supports

This first half of B30 continues to study the Human Experience – one of the most essential parts of that is our interactions with each other in the form of relationships. One of the most obvious reasons why the entertainment industry is so popular and financially successful is because the audience is drawn to unique and complicated relationships between characters.

Resources for this section:

  • Pg 1: Big Ideas – choose any 7 to respond to. You can write out responses, type them into a shared document, or audio record them and share them. Alone or with a partner(s). 
  • Pg 2: Concept Mapping – Collaboration in Microsoft Whiteboard
    Using Microsoft Whiteboard on your laptops, you can join in online groups to develop these concept maps together.

    • The Whiteboard is connected to your Sunwest email account. Login with that info.
    • One person in the group can Create a new Whiteboard and Share it directly to a Breakout Room in Teams ELA B30. Then anyone in that Breakout Room can access and contribute to the Whiteboard.
      (Post to Teams > Select Team > Select Breakout Room.)
    • Or you can Share it to someone’s Sunwest Email address.
  • pg 3 Self Assessment – approach towards relationships 
    Using the scales given, identify where on the scale from one extreme to the next, you’d position yourself.
  • pg 4 Visualization Pre-View: Porphyria’s Lover
    What do you think is happening in this image?


    • Pg 5 “Porphyria’s Lover” Dramatic Monologue:
      Audio narration of the poem
      (if it helps you for comprehension)

  • After Reading Questions: Question 5 Writing Body Paragraph (practice)
  • pg 10 Compose and Create: Google Doc link
    Remember, you must be logged into your Gmail account to leave your comments, so they show up and can be attributed to you.

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