September 23

ELA 9 Sept 23/16 Rating Student Endings: #3

“No, my dear. Said the landlady. Only you.”


“Well, I feel quite tired”, Billy said, “and I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow, so I must turn in. Thank you for the tea.”


“Oh no but you must stay,” said the landlady, “the night is still young, and you do not have anything to do tomorrow.”


“But I do ma’am, I do, I have to go for my new jo….. My new new….”


“Good night, Mr Weaver.”


   Bully awoke the next day, or at least what he thought was the next day, to the landlady tying him down.


“You can’t do this,” Billy yelled, “You won’t get away with this! My employers will find me!”


“Oh but they never did find the others,” said the landlady soothingly “And they had search parties for weeks, I did have a few close calls, though, but, nevertheless, there is a basement for a reason. It took a long time to preserve all those search officers, yes that was quite a feet.”


   It was then that Billy finally realised what this lady did, he was going to die, and no one would ever find his body. Though all eternity, he would sit there, unavenged, never making it to an afterlife, and never living a full life.


   It would be two years until another young soul was doomed to stumble upon the bed and breakfast. His name was Ben James Jr. Off on a long adventure away from home. It was the middle of the day, but Ben, being a very organised person, was looking for a place to stay that night. He didn’t have the time to ask what a good place to stay was so he decided to look anywhere and everywhere he could. The first was a house with a sign in the window stating “bed and breakfast” he walked in and saw that no one was there, so he turned to leave when an old woman came to greet him.


   “Hello,” she said “Are you looking for a room? The price is-


   “Oh no, I need no price, I am Just searching around Town,” Ben said in a hurry.


   “Well that’s okay dear, you can still look at the rooms on the third floor.”


   “That would be just perfect.”


   Ben moved towards the stairs when he had to ask, “Excuse me miss, but why is no one else here, this looks marvellous.”


   “I am not entirely sure, but I do know that many people prefer to stay over at the Bell and Dragon pub.”


   “Well alright then.” He didn’t want to be rude to the person who may accommodate him for the night. He climbed to the top of the stairs to the third floor, where he walked over to one of the rooms. The room looked nice enough, and he was surprised to see how well kept it was. He couldn’t believe a place like this was beaten out by some pub. He decided this would be the place to stay, being a beautiful place, and giving service to this lady. Ben walked out of the room to tell the woman the good news when he heard what sounded like a man in distress.


   Knock knock knock “Hello? Is everything alright in there?” Ben murmured. Burgh burgh!! He knew then that something was wrong in there, so he checked the door to see it was unlocked. He pushed through the door and was horrified when he saw what was inside. He saw a man tied to the ground, gagged, and looked like he had been there a while. Ben moved right for the ties and got through quickly. The man went for the gag by himself. He looked overjoyed to be saved.

   “Who are you?” Asked Ben.


   “l am Billy Weaver, I have been trapped here by that evil landlady down there.”


   “What? Evil? That woman is the best person I have seen all day.”


   “You have to take my word for it, if not, we can ask the others, the must be around here somewhere.”


   “Alright, I guess we can take a quick look around.”


   The two of them searched through the whole floor and didn’t stop until the found and rescued Christopher Mulholland and Gregory Temple. They both told Ben what a horrible person the landlady was so they made a plan.


          “Alright Ben, you have to walk down and distract her, while we search for a knife of some kind,” said Billy “while this happens, you will need to accept the tea she gives you, but swap the drinks.”


          “We will then come down and kill her, so no one will have to come here again.” Said Christopher.


          “Alright, I can do that, but we must work quickly; otherwise she may suspect something.” Whispered Ben.


         Ben walked down to the main floor and sat down across the landlady.


        “So my dear,” said the landlady “have you decided on a room to stay?”


       “Oh yes, I think your place here is lovely.” Said Ben.


       “Well that’s good, the price is 5 and sixpence a night.”


       “That is quite an excellent price, but I have to go quite soon is it fine to pay later?”


      “That is quite alright, but before you go, could I interest you in some tea?

      “I suppose I could stay for a cup of tea.”


      The landlady scurried off to grab the drinks. This would be Ben’s big moment. He wasn’t quite sure he was ready to kill someone he didn’t even know. The three men were tied down in rooms but maybe it’s a different person. Ben then thought, if the tea works, then we kill her.


     The landlady came back with the tea, and when she sat down, Ben’s brain immediately went to work on a plan to distract her.

    “Excuse me miss, but I can’t help but notice how unmoving your pets there.”


   The landlady turned her head to look at the bird and Ben moved quickly and, hopefully, unnoticed.

  “Oh yes,” said the landlady proudly “I stuff them all myself” she took a sip of her tea, looking a bit surprised, but continued. They continued for a while, until eventually, the landlady started to look woozy.


   “What-what happened?” Asked the landlady.


   The landlady blacked out just as she was supposed to. The 3 men came down the stairs a while later, carrying a knife. They killed the woman, and the 4 of them fled the house, taking the sign with them. They all took one final look back at the house and saw what looked like a mist of a ghost, rising through the chimney.


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